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08 July 2010

evenings project with roula

time has come to present a new project, made with my greek friend. it's called 'a week of evenings' and it's all about our evenings and how we spend them, capturing our most representative moments once a day for a week. 

before presenting you our pics, please meet my partner-in-crime :) ROULA:

isn't she lovely? 
(i love you, baby!)
here's what she wrote for you.

'it's just me, roula ... in love with life, her friends, blue sky, emerald sea, my island, aegean sea, ancient greek and roman history, plants, books, walking barefoot on sand, gazing at the horizon, dreaming over sunrises and sunsets, the smell of greek coffee, orange juice, cooking, photography, cinnamon rolls ... the list could go on as, as kid myself, go on discovering new things every day ...'

and here are our photos.

ROULA: "kitchen oasis"
'my friend lia had been trying to get me to ikea a week now but there was always something going on and we had to cancel -until today. we just love wandering in ikea and dream of how we want our homes to look like one day. what woman who considers the kitchen her kingdom would not dream a corner in the kitchen like this? need i to say we were drooling over this tiny shelf?'

ELDA: "apero time"
'having a drink with a small appetizer is something like a tradition in my house. i can't start any dinner without the sweet savour of wine in my mouth. it's what i drink when i'm at home, whereas if we're outside, i prefer to have a prosecco. i like sipping and cooking or watching my baby coloring or dancing  and talking to her. it relaxes me and makes me feel better without feeling alcoholic LOL'

ROULA: "the journey has already started ..."
'it takes 23,5 hours from igoumenista (greece) to venice (italy) with anek lines and although i had gone to pick up our tickets to fourni my mind and soul were on one of these ships and it felt like i was watching the italian coast at sunrise ... my ship may take me east but my heart will be west ...'

ELDA: "twilight zone"
'the minutes after the sun goes down, and before the day collapses into the dark, have always given to me a sense of serenity and calm. after a hectic day or summer heat, a leisurely stroll can be just the thing that clears my mind. going out is not always possible, so most of the times i just watch out of the balconies and enjoy the white, crystal blue and grey twilight. today it's been chilly, so the colors were darker, and i spotted this guy on the roof. he must be loving the after hours too!'

ROULA: "coquette"
'it started as fan evening of manicure and pedicure but it ended with me being unable to decide what colors to choose ... i doubt there isn't any lady out there who cannot relate to my 'problem'! right? well, thanks to lia i had several colors to choose from and had to try them all! i fell in love with those 2 and even right as we speak ... i still don't know which to choose! so, i honestly say i have a couple of purple nails and some green-blue ... and unless i have an epiphany, they will stay this way -until i decide to go some place where i need to look 'proper!!!!'

ELDA: "yacht euphoria"
'can a profound sense of well-being make a man happier? apparently, it can. some of our friends own a mini yacht and invited us there to visit it and have a drink tonight. well, they loked very relaxed and pretty happier than their usual selves. i don't think it's fair to show others your real identity only on such occasions, it denotes attachment to material goods, and i'm not sure i like it. i felt not at ease on board, slightly sick and a bit doubtful about the marine life. still, i could enjoy the moment and the little temporary privilege to be part of it. though i'm not sure it's a privilege, hey!'

ROULA: "swedish saviours"
'an evening isn't usually defined by a meal but in my case today it was ... i had an early start with a breakfast i never had and then errands to run almost all day with a lunch i skipped and a snack i was rather tired to chew ... so, when i started feeling dizzy i realised i was hungry but thank god still on my two feet. tomorrow is grocery shopping day so i had to make to do with what we had in the fridge. i tell you, i don't know if it was because of my hunger, but this was one of the best meals i have ever had! too bad there wasn't some feta cheese on the side ...'

ELDA: "picturesque sunset"
'nobody can resist the vivid, romantic colors of sunset. any pathological photographer could drive long hours to reach the right place and capture the beauty of it. i must confess, tonight i drove to the border with slovenia, in this little corner of the adriatic where the mediterranean ends up north, and waited a lot of time until a tiny ship crossed by and gave me the perfect scene. the result was this marvelous combination of warm red and orange colors. beautiful!'

ROULA: "postcards from the pirates island"
'we received such fantastic news today! when we were asked to 'make' some fresh postcards for our friend who owns a souvenir shop in fourni, nek and i looked at each other and smiled. in fact ... laughed! now, 2 weeks later, we were told our cards sell like hot cakes and our friend has called to ask us to make some new cards and ordered 200 more. the number might seem small but for such small island like fourni it's rather a big deal! so, i've been sitting in front of my pc since noon (nek uses the laptop) and have started the little machine called imagination. so many ideas and such little time ... am i abot to conquer the world?'

ELDA: "dress up time"
'evening are always a special event for our princess. she's happy to be in her habitat after a day out and she loves to dance or sing. she usually dresses up and so, while she learns about the world around her and forms her own identity, i enjoy her incredible performances. awww, i love her so!'

ROULA: "8 years"
'it's been 8 years since we lost grandpa ... it was a sad day in our herts. i don't go to church (unless there's a reason to) or pray and don't have the need to get into one to feel 'comfort'. but during a meditation walk my feet dragged me into st eleftherios. eleftherios comes from the grrek word ' eleftheria' that means freedom. i don't know if i wanted to break free from sadness or anything else but i sat there for a while and heard nothing but the sound of my heart and thoughts and then got lost gazing at the faces of the troutured saints of the orthodox church. so much sadness, so much pain ... after all, not the perfect place to ease my pain ...' 

ELDA: "little concert"
"there's always something new and exciting around in the evenings. we went to a little concert tonight. the playhouse group alice always joins on tuesdays threw a big party in koper. lots of good homemade music, pancakes and games lab. you don't find happiness, you make happiness. right?  it's a state of being that only you can create. and we do this with little daily joys.'

ROULA: "passpartout"
'christina is the very first facebook buddy i meet in person. we met almost 2 years ago thanks to 'cambaz' a song by our favorite turkish band mor ve otesi. ever since we spent us teasing each other and when she got a job in my neighborhood (what a coincidence, huh?) we finally met. have you ever met someone and you felt you have been knowing each other for centuries? it was just like that! a hug and chat for things only people that know each other well talk about. today was nek's turn to meet chrissy so we paid a visit to the place she works, a lovely sort of bakery7cafe. i must confess, i wanted to try everything but left the place without being tempted at all. but i suggest that amazing chocolate pir to everyone ... just yum!'

ELDA: "attention to details"
'i love having friends over, i like spoiling them and when it happens i want everything to be perfect. arranging the table is the first thing i do, before concentrating on the cooking, because i want to have proper time to make it look practical and nice. this is the result. wanna come over too, now? the food i prepare is even better! :)'

ROULA: "all about seth"
'it was a seth day! it started with cleaning his cage and ended up with him having a brand new home, treats and vitamin c! it seems our little boy lacks vitamin c so he loses his hair. we don't want him to look like tellis savallas, do we? seth doesn't really accept messing with his territory. and by territory i mean the mess he creates in his cage. cleaning the cage involves a lot of drama! first of all he ignores us for days and second he is hyperactive each time we clean. he hates everything and jumps up and down the cage like tarzan. when he finally gets bored he just chews his cashews and makes a lot of noise doing the thing he likes best, opening apricot seeds. how can you not love him?'

ELDA: "usual place"
'this is where we spend most of our evenings. there's the sea to throw stones at, a playground and the most wonderful of views. and there's also a cute bar nearby where we can have yummy snacks. perfect! i'll miss this place when we'll move next year!' 

thanks for joining, roula! i had so much fun and this also made us closer! have fun! xxx


  1. great photos as usual from both of you girls :-)
    have a nice evening!
    (sipping on blush while Thorir cooks spaghetti with garlic fried catfish - yummy!)

  2. thanks birna! i'm sure thorir is a great chef! :)

  3. Great pics, grats girls!
    With ANEK Lines @ Italy and I'm already jealous!

  4. thanks jenny! we'd like to hear more about you. please introduce yourself!


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