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03 July 2010

end of project

BIRNA: "hot dogs"
'grilled sausages is something that i do not eat very often because i don't like them that much. we had some friends over this evening (with a couple of kids) so putting some sausages on the barbeque was quite handy. this is a cheese filled grill sausage and don't forget loads of mustard! total junk food but most people like it.'

ELDA: "easy dinner"
'spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chili is very easy and quick to prepare. perfect when you didn't plan  any grocery shopping and tired for being one day at the beach :) happy friday!'

 side by side

so, birna and i finished our project called 'a week of meals'. it was an intense exchange of delicatessen and a great insight on our eating habits and culture. here's the resume:


a few observation: pasta is the most consumed food in my house, as well it's chicken at birna's. then, we both have easy but tasty food and, mainly, complete dishes.  

thanks again for joining me in this adventure, birna. i'm already missing our daily appointments! happy rest of your holidays and see you on facebook! :)

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