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27 June 2010

the yummy post

it seems like birna and i enjoy very yummy meals. have a look!

BIRNA: "home alone meal"
'i've been home alone since early morning (thorir went fishing with a couple of friends) and instead of picking up soemthing from greens on wheels )i just love their food) i decided to be practical and make a pita sandwich as i had everything i needed for it in the fridge: iceberg salad, cucmbers, chicken (leftovers from yesterda's dinner) and the special pita dressing. bon appetit!'

ELDA: "detoxing meal"
'today al got back from india with an abosession: pasta!  'it doesn't matter with what sauce, important is it's in my plate!', he said. what a typical italian, huh? :) so i though that fusilli with zuchini could be a detoxing meal after one week of indian spicy food and no pasta at all! what's lighter than zuchini as a vegetable, after all?'

side by side

BIRNA: "catch of the day"
'thorir went fishing yesterday and brought home 5 trouts; four enormous ones and this little one that is perfect size for one to eat. i love fresh trout! i bake it in the oven, mash boiled potatoes with loads of butter and the some cucumber slices add a fresh touch to it. i ate it all by myself while thorir had some grilled sausages - something that he could eat all the time!'

ELDA: "oriental tasting" 
"tonight i prepared this navrattan korma with all the ingredients that al brought back from. india i love experimenting foreign food and this one is named after the 9 different fruits, nuts and vegetables that gives it a rich and slightly sweet taste. al was bored of spicy food after a week, so this was a welcome change for him too!'  

side by side


  1. funny to see that we have the same colors in food yesterday - I'm already looking forward to see tomorrow's meals :-)
    Bon appetite!

  2. eheeh right! that trout you cooked looks very yummy, not to mention your sandwich .gosh! i'm hungry now! ehehehhehe


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