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10 June 2010

soccer haters unite!

here we are, the world cup championship is about to kick off. time to migrate for the entire 5 weeks. i can't stand the idea and can't tolerate the atmoshpere. anyone willing to guest me? sandra? LOL or maybe i should simply take a holiday to the united states. soccer isn't that huge there.

i grew up in a soccer-mad family, my father and younger brother were both obsessed and they're responsible for the soccer-unfriendly person i am today. because of them, i link soccer to negative episodes. dad forgot to pick me up at the station once, because he had a game to watch. many times i couldn't watch movies because both tvs we had were occupied. sundays were sacred and we couldn't enjoy quality time. but worstly, my nana was beaten by 2 thieves who made the most of desert streets to steal in my uncle's shop, where he had left her to go watch the final at home, when italy won the world cup back in 1982.

i was so saturated with soccer that when i met my husband he didn't have the courage to confess me that he's a soccer lover too. he's not that obsessed, but he's into it a lot. i'm understanding but i don't get it. i don't see what's fun in watching a sport that penalizes people by barely touching the opponent. a sport that requires to do maths to find out how much time until half time or the end of the game. and doing maths is one of the things i hate the most. 

hadn't i had so many  negative experiences, probably i wouldn't mind soccer  so much today.  it would probably look the same boring to me. soccer is a game of patience after all, you don't watch goals being scored every 3 minutes and i'm not patient at all. isn't it better to read a nice book instead? mmmh ...

i know what i'll do. i'll keep my fingers crossed that italy won't pass the first group without feeling guilty, and everything will be much better without the extreme reaction to the victories. i don't see why one has to feel patriotist about his team when northern italy fights to be divided from the south in the first place. but without being polemic, i'm sure this method will work. and even if italy can make it, i'll do exactly waht i did 4 years go, when it won the world cup. i'll pretend it didn't, calling me out of the general euphoria. life is way much better when you add your own colors, right?


  1. Book - soccer? That's easy... I'd rather read a phone book than watch a game of soccer. The games are too long, too boring, the soccer players are payed too much (they are just kicking the ball and then they run after it!! It's not like they save lives!). My Dad is a fan, too, so when I was younger I had no access to the TV when a game was on. But my hubby is not a fan.. and he gets like a 1000 husband points for it:)))

  2. how do you spell boring? F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L!

    way to gooooo, david! congrats! you're so lucky, sandra. sooo so lucky! and david definitely deserves all his points, yeah!


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