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10 June 2010


a bit of world cup madness: some shops are offering discounts on tv, something like 30% off the original price here. shall italy win again, they give the money back. this last promotion is something they did it in the past week, AFTER my obsessed husband bought a 42" HD flatscreen appositely for his soccer missions. 

strangely, he's not furious. he thinks italy won't make it in the first group. so he says he doens't care.  bullshit. he's oddly anxious because italy is going to play his first match this coming monday. it's soccer superstition. you prepare for the worst but deeply hope for a different result. fortunately, he's not mad enough to have wacky ways to spun his team to victory. at least!


on a different and happier note, ali had her friend martina over for a playdate this afternoon. aren't they just so sweet together?

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