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10 June 2010

london calling

i'm preparing a cool new post ... stay tuned!


  1. Wildlife - have you ever seen fatter squirrels?!
    Royal Mail (except come Christmas)
    Regent Street at dusk
    South Bank anytime
    BBC Weather Forecast
    Abbey Road - the Beatles seem to be crossing this one forever
    Bicerin at the Blue Cafe at Market Place
    Jogging at Arnos Park
    Standing at the Gherkin's foot and staring at its top until you feel dizzy
    Black Eyeliner
    Astoria (RIP)
    Horse Riding at Hyde Park
    Kite sailing at Hampstead Heath
    Separate water tabs

    P.S. The PJ track starts automatically eery time I open your blog; it that how you want it?

  2. nope, haven't seen a fatter squirrel before, but there's hope, at least! :)
    i love all your other reasons, except the jogging. but only because i hate jogs! :)
    and yes, the pj soundtrack is how i wanted it to be!


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