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13 June 2010

tasty post

i've been browsing through food blogs all night and flipped into this lovely recipe box that orangette got from her grandmother. it reminded me that i need to organize my recipes and this could be a nice way. i can fill it with index cards and newspaper clippings separated into categories by stout partitions. yeah, it's difintely better than a notebook.

but now, let me add a few pics of the food i had these past days. starting from  this yummy caprese accompanied by bresaola.

it's very healthy and very easy to prepare. all you need is a mozzarella and a tomato and some patience to cut them and then assemble them in an artistic and neat way.

mussels, a classic in the summer.

the temptation to enjoy its soup with bread is irresistible. these are pure joys of gusto! it should be added at the end of any mussels recipe!

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