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24 June 2010


so, the first project with birna ended. we shared daily pics of our mornings for a week and this helped us giving a closer insight on our lives. because we're penfriends, birna and i, we've never met, though we're planning that very soon here in trieste.








we liked this idea so much that we decided to share another cool project, called 'a week of meals'. we'll take pics of what we eat daily too, hopefully to reveal the secrets of our culture better and get to know our eating habits. be prepared, birna: i'm afraid you'll find out an unhealthy friend! LOL

gorgeous birna on the front stairs of her home

"hi, i'm birna from selfoss (south iceland). i'm a 39 years old sagittarius (the lively cheerful funny people LOL) and i work in a bank as a corporate advisor. my hobbies are reading (crime & murder are my favorites), writing (letters to my faraway friends whom i treasure very much), photography, hiking, nature etc i also love the sun, animals, traveling and riding my bike. i was brought up in a small village in north iceland but moved here 18 years ago. i live together with my boyfriend, who's a football and fly-fishing addict. plus he cooks the world's best garlic fried lobster!"

way to go, birna: you rock! :)


  1. Oh my Birna, you look gorgeous! What a nice week you both had, thank you for sharing girls! You both rock!

  2. thanks sandraaaaaa! muah!


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