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04 May 2010

tulip mania

may 1st was a special and colorful day for us this year. the weather was as sunny as forseen and we went to volcij potok arboretum near karmnik, in slovenia. it was an abandoned area near the river savinjia and its stream, which was converted into a botanical garden in 1952 by the university of ljubljana. they started to cultivate plants for research purposes and today the arboretum is home to more than 2500 different species of trees and millions of flowers.

the nearly 2 million tulips make it particularly beautiful in spring, when they host the traditional flowers and gardening festival. the dutch bulb gowers association donated three quarters of the bulbs and sold the rest at a reduced price for the first event back in 1978. since then, the dutch have a wonderful advertisment because the tulips have turned the arboretum into a 'tulpetum' comparable only to keukenhof in holland.

i love tulips. they're not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small or too bright. they are always just right like my favorite pair of jeans, comfort in all right ways. to me they're the quintessence of simplicity and they symbolize perfect love. just perfect! i read the symblic meaning changes with the color, so red is a a declaration of true love, yellow means cheerful thoughts, white symbolizes heaven, newness and purity, while purple (my favorite) is symbol of royalty and pink means affection/caring.  least but not last, the color of enthusiasm and energy is orange.

well, for a tulip freak like me, the arboretum was heaven! i have dozen of pics of each color meticulously saved in my files. they're so colorful, so pure and beautiful that they get me in the right mood every day right now!

the place is beautiful, it offers a wealth of opportunities so it was not only all about flowers. as usual, details fascinated me. here are a few that caught my alert eye.

it's a magical place for chidlren too, of course. our princess could play hours in their lovely playgrounds. maybe a bit too crowded for the event, but fun indeed all the same. in fact, we plan to go back when there're no festivals or other events, just to enjoy the beauty of the garden and the quiet atmosphere it hosts (thus, get well soon, sandra!) :)

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