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25 May 2010

safe and sound

i'm back, after an intense week in north africa. we saw so much in such a short time, i was delighted but also overwhelmed by the oh so many colors, smells, lights, sceneries and poverty i saw. i think i need a few days to organize my ideas and write down a post about my trip. i also have to select the million pics i took. they're so many and i can't post everything. this is going to be a changeling! i hate selecting photos. oh yes!  

 me in casablanca, watching the ocean

we're all a bit stomach disturbed, especially alice. the poor little one was so brave and did so good but ended up having a light bug. i'm keeping her home to let her regain her usual self. she badly needs it, as this week she's to perform in 2 shows, the music one on friday and and the ballet one on sunday.  way to go, my darling! good luck. we both need it ...

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  1. AAHH, you are back:)) I know, photo selections is cruel:)


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