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26 April 2010

a short update

nothing wrong has happened, i'm just getting used to my new computer and being a cook, housekeeper, teacher, nurse, handy man, maid, security, coordinator, supervisor, manager, secretary, nutritionist, caretaker, personal assistant, life coach, book keper, laundry maid, taxi driver and a motivational speaker. in other words: a mother!

this afternoon al managed to reach me and ali to the park, way less than his usual working hours. i left them to make the most of this seldom and blessed event to hurry home and do some ME time in the bathroom. just in the middle of my legs shaving my mobile rang. it was him. he wondered whether i was too far because ali was thirsty and i had her bottle of water in my car. 

'go buy another in the bar next door, there's a kiosk out there'
'well, i have no cash' it was his plain answer.

simple as that. he's in his senior management and he needs to call his wife (personal assistant in this case?) for a problem solving. was he kidding me? judging from his voice, he wasn't. i decided not to suggest him anything else. i was on my work permit for once. what the heck!?


  1. I thought that those things happened only in my family, my father was/is like that all the time, trying to do things, but really just on the first steps of the plannig because he cannot end his task without any help for whatever it be, whatever he is doing...

    And now that i'm married with a man of a different "culture" i do get hints of this u say ahhaha, even i have to find things i never saw/touched/used before they got lost... i think women can do several task at the same time and do it all fine, just 'cause we are women! a master race! and that is!

  2. so right, lore! we're magical! LOL


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