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14 April 2010

long live flats

i stepped up in high heels today.  i got a pair of stiletto boots last fall, when my friend from abruzzo visited me. she shopped like crazy at q-land in nova gorica and she bought something like 6 pairs of shoes. i must have been countaged by her enthusiasm and chose something practical and thick, but i managed to wear them only today. i felt today was the right day.

there was no thrill. i'm a novice in the art of walking in high heels, i hadn't worn them in a while, due to pregnancy first and baby's out and about later. even before that, it was just an occasional event for me. and boy, the outside world contains many hazards for the heel wearer! i wonder how those sophisticated women do to avoid grass, cobblestones or grates of any description. there're no gentleman to lay their coats down for you or who carry you to safety everwywhere.  

so heels are not for me, definitely. books are my thing, instead, that's why i took this pic in front of some of them in my sitting-room. i'm not the ostentatious type and the perception of flats is very diffferent. hearing the sounds of my steps inside the police headquarter corridor wasn't pretty seductive but quite weird to me this morning. i felt i was only being too noisy. i didn't even receive any smiling welcome by the employee when i showed him the permit signed by al to pick up his new passport at his place. the seductiveness of heels didn't work at all. 

he looked pretty annoyed because i didn't have al's id to show him, and he became rude when i told him his colleague hadn't warned me last time. she was next to him and raised her eyebrow when she heard me answering. she looked very confident in her sexy heels under her uniform. i instantly decided to throw my thicker stiletto at her face if they refused to give me the passport after nearly 2 hours queuing. there's no power of heels effective enough in these cases. and at least my wearing would have been useful for the day!

awwwwwwwww, incompetence! they should fire rude people rather than advicing them not to wear heels in the office.

they gave me al's passport in the end, so violence wasn't necessary. it's just a LOL moment, i would never behave like that of course. i put my stilettos back in my closet at home, though. i think that's where they'll remain for a long time now. they only made my violent side surface. no thank you, i prefer stump legs with flats rather than unusual revenge thoughts! 


  1. I'm not a fan of high heels either, first and foremost because they were a key reason in my spinal disk problem >:-( Instead, I LOVE flats! They are very me; high heels, not so much.

  2. I love flats too! I rarely use high heels only on special occasions like weddings, why suffer if flats are so much more comfortable???

  3. I can't believe it that the policemen didn't even smile to you! Maybe they just knew you were new to this high-hills-sexy-look thing:) I am glad violence was not necessary... but I would have visited you in prison, promise:)

  4. it's defintely not healthy, claudia, you're right!

    oli, no matter how many tips they give us to ride on them, heels are still a sufference.

    and, my dear sandra, i would have loved your visits LOL


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