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12 April 2010

little (worthy) places

there's a beautiful path on quarìn mountain in friuli. if you climb it up to the top you'll find a renaissance style church (st anna) and the ruins of an ancient castle. the view over the village of cormons, in the isonzo valley, is amazing from the top. the horizon spaces until the sea of grado in the adriatic. due to this amazing visibility, the mountain was used as a crucial sentinel point during ww1.  

the path to the top

the view over cormons

st anne's church (1636)

it's where we went yesterday. we spent a lovely sunday with some of alice's peers and their parents in an agro-farm first, and then we took a walk through the mountain. it was unexpected, these are places you don't get to know unless some locals guide you to, and one of the guys was orginary from cormons. lovely!

the kids loved it. they're always happier when they can play outside. we adults enoyed it too. the area is very green, i captured the mature signs of spring and was happy with the result.

the vineyards (cormons produces a delicious tocai)

too bad it's monday now, there're the usual chores to accomplish  and nothing new to exlpore. monday sucks!


  1. This looks like a beautiful place!! I am glad the weather played along:)

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing this wonderful sites. I wish I could visit this place one day!

  3. yeah sandra, the weather wa eprfect.

    oli, you welcome, when you hit europe again, you're more than welcome here with us and i'll take you everywhere!

  4. Thank you sweetie! I hope I can go back again in the near future :)


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