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15 April 2010


i see my blog is flourishing in comments. it was high the time! thanks, because it was a bit like a desert before, and it certainly motivates me more. thus i encourage all of you, readers, or those of you who just stop by, to leave a sign of your presence. it's very appreciated! so come on, keep those comments high!


  1. Your post deserve comments and people taking the time, because I know how much effort and thought you put into them!!

  2. correct, sweetie. lots of my time and energies go into this blog, and passion in the first place! :)

  3. I'm so glad I'm back here :) Thank you for this everyday facts written with ilusion, inspiration and in your unique easy-to-read-and-to-enjoy style.

  4. gracias querida! that means a lot to me! muah!


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