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23 April 2010


it's been a tough week, i've been struggling physically and even if i'm okay emotionally, some weird facts happened and drained me a bit. they confimed my suspicions and made me appreciate what i have more, though. no drama, then.

and yesterday i got this terrible news of one of my penfriends passing away after years of battle against cancer. it reminds me that life is even  more real out there, the letter aura makes you think penfriends are sort immortal, but they die too, like anyone else. rip, marika! i loved you xxx


  1. You are right about the fact that we think pen friends will live forever. I am so sorry about you friend, Marika, she was too young to die.

  2. I'm sorry about your loss. It's hard to get such devastating news, huh? Reality is harsh.

  3. ...to cheer you up, there's and award for you at my blog! Come by, check it out, and hopefully, you will participate. :-)

  4. I'm very sorry, is a real pity, this had to happened...
    I almost met cancer years ago, it was a very hard and blurred time, i wanted to kept it for myself and not to inform to my family, fortunatelly with a surgery they remove the bad cells, and after monthly checks by couple of years all disappeared and didn't return again...of course my family knew it anyway... after that experince my life changed completely, and so did it the way i looked the world and to myself...
    I'm sure Marika struggled and seize every day...and of course she is a inspiration family and friends that maybe will never know what a real and bad disease is, but even though, they can learn to turn into better person in their day by day life...

  5. thanks sandra and claudia for your support. it means a lot to me. only penfriend lovers can understand such feelings. as penfriends, we're used to be misunderstood, nobody seems to accept the fact we can find real friends via letters too. and this is the common feeling that unites us, isn't it?

    lore, i'm shocked. did you really have cancer once? i'm so happy that it hasn't come back again. it must have been devastating and difficult, yes. i admire you wanting to be lonely to fight this, but events of such extent can't be hidden, i think. keep up the god job lore, i love you!


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