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28 March 2010

spring is in the air

it's palm sunday today. we celebrate the triumphal entry of jesus into jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. it marks the beginning of holy week, which concludes on easter sunday.

i'm a lapsed catholic, i don't observe passion sunday but al went to mass and he'll probably return with a blessed palm. since the crowds greeted jesus with waving palm branches, and by covering his path with them, the churches give out palm branches, symbol of the victory of the faithful over enemies of the soul. 

when al gets back we'll go out and have lunch in one of our favorite restaurants, then spend the afternoon out and about. the sky is blue, the grass is growing, and the air is fragrant with the smell of flowers. spring has finally arrived!

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  1. In Slovenia olive tree branches, as symbol of peace, are blessed.


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