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21 March 2010

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the more i look at pictures, the more i like conceptual photography. i find it particularly congenial to my personal creativness.

it seems i've nothing better to do than exploring the blogosphere tonight. hubbie is lost in his soccer match and i'm here wondering whether it's the case to go reading in bed. i don't feel very motivated. i lack concentration, typical of full pre-menstrual syndrome. gosh, i'm a living explosion of hormones these days!

the book i'm into right now examines the destructive effects, the ambiguities of the moral problems that ordinary vices pose to the liberal ethos. cruelty, hypocrisy, snobbery, treachery, and misanthropy have both personal and public dimensions. and they particularly inflict wounds on other human beings. quite interesting. i've always wanted to know more about the countless ways vices cause us to humiliate others and make fools of ourselves.

my sin is gluttony. somehwere i read it comes from improper weaning. maybe it's true in my case, because my mother told me that at somehwere around 6 months old i refused her breast. there was no way to make me accept it again and this abrupt stop of lactation produced engorgement and pain to her. this story has always had me perplex. babies are born to breastfeed, i wonder what possibly induced me to such a drastic refusal. i breastfed ali myself for 1 year and she never wanted to stop our special bonding.

oh well, whaetever. my punishment in hell will be being force-fed rats, toads, and snakes. yes, that's what awaits those guilty of the deadly sin of gluttony. talk about disgust! i'm aware of the majority of sins i commit and i take complete resposibility for them. no scapegoats here. it's the ones that i'm not aware of that worry me. i hope the book i'm reading will clear my mind ...

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