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06 February 2010

a succesfull day

and so my princess's week is over. what kept me totally busy and absorbed, with a worrying eye inflammation in between (i'm being treated for a chalazion) ended in a very nice way yesterday night, after the last party. a party every kid loved and every parent appreciated. 

i'm happy. and i'm glad that my princess had this opportunity to feel unique. not that she's not through the year, but her birthday is a special day and it's her last year of kindergarten. in september she'll start school and she'll change cyrcle of friends and teachers. i wanted her to have vivid memories of her happy years in muggia. 

i'm so happy i can even deal with the disappointment of not having decent pics. sandra the photographer was sick, i did my best to welcome guests, look around and snap, but i had to delegate on the crucial cake moment. alice, then, felt overwhelmed and started crying, there was no way to let her blow on her candles. this is the only photo i have of the event.

fortunately all the rest was a blast, from the gorgeous cake to the yummy snacks

from games to the lovely puppets show. the kids were intrigued by it!

princess alice received lots of lovely presents and we even managed to coordinate the same outfits. we were wearing the same colorful dresses my friend sofia had sent us for the occasion (thanks, auntie!)

it was such a lovely day! organizing everything was very demanding but it was worth every single effort. i wish you 100 and more parties like this, baby! may you be always radiant and happy and positive like you are now. you don't even know how much i love you, alice!

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