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23 February 2010

random thoughts

a) messy

gosh, i have to get this room organized and soon. i can't go on like this!

alfonso says it looks like medina and i have to admit he's right. i'm afraid it's not artsy mess anymore, it's pure disorganization. hey al, you won a point: i'll start applying your 5 ses tomorrow. i have to. you know i love you more than anything anyway, don't you?

ps: medina is a bazaar in naples.

b) another neruda's

i do not love you except because i love you;
i go from loving to not loving you,
from waiting to not waiting for you
my heart moves from cold to fire.

i love you only because it's you the one I love;
i hate you deeply, and hating you
bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you
is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

maybe january light will consume
my heart with its cruel
ray, stealing my key to true calm.

in this part of the story i am the one who
dies, the only one, and i will die of love because i love you,
because i love you, love, in fire and blood.

yeah, i know, i've a thing for poetry. but i don't think it's unhealthy. is it?
c) sweet cutie at night

i always allow alice a few minutes for extra reading before bedtime. it comes after reading tales, she's insatiable. 'books are the blessed chloroform of the mind' (robert chambers). i'm glad she took this passion from both me and al. 

d) close to desperation

i better go to bed myself, continuinig to read 'nata in istria' and getting ready for another caughing attack. it's a constant battle against mucus here. but there's hope, they say. at some point around 7 kids outgrow the coughing nigthmares, becoming pretty stable. because right now alie is prone to bad colds. too bad. nite nite everyone, and see you tomorrow for another post! 

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