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22 February 2010

impunity project

alice's progress in drawing is more and more amazing.  her refined skill of details denotes her sense of fashion (while drawing ballerina shoes, for instance), but mainly it reveals her being open to the others (most of the people she draws have their arms open towards authorities, such as fairies or parents).
in addition, one of the things she started doing is illustrating tales. it's something her teachers encourage doing after the common group reading on thursdays at pre-school. it's good because it helps kids represent the chronological time of events in images and it also motivates them to look around themselves and represent the world in more details. 
yesterday, to my greatest joy, alice illustrated hansel and gretel after we read it. it's in 4 parts and i thought it's too cool not to share it here. in part 1 we have the little brother and sister who get lost in the woods.   

part 2 shows how hansel and gretel arrive at the witch's house. alice drew flowers near the witch, which means she's not scary at all, at least for now.

part 3 is the more complicated, because it's when hansel and gretel are prisoners in the house. gretel is constantly monitored by the witch, and she is near a table where there's food, whie hansel is near a oven.

part 4, the final, underlined by the generous use of colors, is when hansel and gretel lock the witch (she's inside a huge pan) and run away with her jewels.

with all this creative activity in my home, i still have to find the right way to save all the drawings (not to mention all the additional handicraft from our tuesdays at the lab center and various projects from different playhouses).
right now, i have a big hello kitty bin in her room. she usually keeps her best or special drawings on the fridge for a week or so and then she can put them in there. but with the 9.6 million drawings coming from pre school, which she doesn't let me recycle, the bin isn't a permanent solution.
maybe i should save the extra special drawings, take a picture of them and make a photo album at the end of the year to showcase her progress. still, i don't have the heart to toss them away and it's so hard to chose. gosh! does anyone have good advice on how tossing away with impunity? it'd be much appreciated!

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  1. Suggestion one: scan the drawings and save them on the PC in 10 CDs/DVDs
    Suggestion two: scan them and make a photo book.


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