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26 February 2010

banana republic

these photos are shocking, they document the spill of oil that has reached the po river valley, the most important agricultural region in italy. they are taken from my favorite newspaper, il corriere della sera.

i would like to be inside the criminal mind who decided to intervene in such a cowardly way. they say the cause was certainly a sabotage at a former refinery turned oil depot, since the cisterns were found open there. in this crazy way, the oil was allowed to flow into the river lambro, a tributary to the po, the longest and most important river in italy.

i don't know if the idiot's aim was sarcastic, since po means 'clean' in latin. i just hope he'll get he punishment he deserves, once he'll be caught up. i only know that emergency is serious. the damage for vegetation and fauna is countless, because the area is rich in birds and other wildlife. moreover, the po is used extensively for irrigation. 

this ecological event isn't the only disaster hitting italy. it comes shortly after revelations of a massive corruption scandal in the construction sector and revealing alleged links to right-wing extremism as well as organized crime. summed to this, the recent telecom's massive fraud only increases a widespread perception that italy is a country awash with criminality.

awful. the country shows signs of slowing and even seem to have seriously accustomed to corruption.  these scandals denote 3 main things: the violation of the criminal code, tax evasion, which severely penalizes citizens who pay taxes and see services reduced, and the question of the rules. it's a shame! the top class who rules the country should react in a more severe way to this disorder. we are overwhelmed by environmental disasters, unemployment and the only one who arises is fini, president of the chamber.

'welcome to the republic of the corrupt: there's room for everyone and no need to join an orderly queue" (cited in the turin daily la stampa on wednesday). 


  1. I read this somewhere and I think it represents the ultimate truth: " The world is not a bad place because of people who do bad, but because of those who let them."

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I like getting some insight into the issues other countries are having. In the US they don't spend a lot of time informing us about the issues of other lands, maybe BBC news, but that's it.

  3. thank you, nb. i'm glad i'm being useful in my own little way! :)


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