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27 January 2010


on wednesdays, i always call my grandmother. she's my only one left. at 4pm punctually, i hear her lowering the volume of her favorite endless soap opera and saying 'eldaaaaaaaaaa'. that's the moment i cherish more, it makes me feel her connection. i know she waits for my phonecall every wednesday afternoon. it's like having an appointment with my past. 

so on wednesdays i'm informed about my nana's health. she's nearly 77 and thanks god she's fit and healthy. also on wednesdays, someone cares for me and my baby's health too. pretty unsual, these days. but wedsnedays are magical for me. i forget about my family mess and the like and all i want to do is just enjoying my nana's voice. make sure she's fine.   

then the little village chronicle starts. on wednesdays it's when i get to know about the recent divorce or the naughty scandal. it's like reading a gossip magazine, only more real. real life has nothing to do with celebrities. life is my hometown and its slow, oldfashioned rhythm. a place where some of my oldest friends still live and struggle.  

i also get a bit pissed off, on wednesdays. my grandma's idea of family is ancestral, the way it should be after all. she insists and reminds me that blood is there, i can't deny it. and i'd like to tell her how i don't believe biology guarantee a family anymore now. but she's old and already had a difficult life. so, on wedsnedays, i give up. i tell her i'll think about it and give it a try. 

she believes me and says goodbye. i listen to a small inclination of her voice. i know her too well to think it's just a little caughing. on wedsnedays i pretend it is and say goodbye too. i love you, nana, i'll see you next wedsneday! 


  1. That's so lovely bella! I am glad you are still in touch with your sweet nana.. it's such a special connection. I don't have a grandmother anymore and I would have loved to have these moments with her. Please cherish it (but I know you do)! X

  2. Thats lovely, remending me that I vist my granny on 1st January last time.I try to see her more but I keep teling my self that betvin my job and working shift this istn posible... but Im going to seee her tomorow.Thank you for reminding me that!

  3. This is so nice to read. It's so lovely you save a time to connect with your nana like that... I have lunch with my grandmother every friday and it's such a special time... I really treasure every second of it.


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