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31 January 2010

semi serious pondering

evolution of a domestic goddess

i hate to write this, but since i opened the door to the vorwerk salesman before christmas, my life changed for the better. i hate it because i certainly don't love chores, my idea of vacuuming is while holding a book with my free hand. but since we bought the newest model of german vorwerk vacuum cleaner, vk 140, i'm experiencing a new dimension of cleaniness and freshness.

here it is, in its compact simplicity, yet containing a very small but highly efficient motor.

it was a totally unexpected purchase. even if i know about vorwerk reputation (my mother's model has been working over 20 years), never on earth i could have imagined to spend so much on a household appliance. i still think that i better used that sum employing a person to do the job rather than spend the time having to cart two or three hold-alls worth of equipment around with me. but yes, i have to admit it: it does its job. the house shows cleaner through the use of its system and after the cleaning of our mattress al's dust-allergy seems to be gone. 

now, since the problem i deal with more is maintaining neat and organized dresser drawers and closet, i'm waiting for vorwerk's next model for getting this tedious chore done! :)))))) 

consolidation of an artist

it was hard days, this week. i suffered of stomach flu, ali caught a nasty tonsillitis. she was never so sick before, even the antibiotics took longer to have its effect. there were times when discomfort picked a higher level, immediately after the vist of the private ped for example, when i didn't know how to reach the local pharmacy without leaving alice unattended to buy the medicines he prescribed. but we managed. mothers are always so full of resources, after all.

fortunately, my interests help me survive long hours indoors with a sick and demanding baby. i transofrmed this house in an imaginary center, it was all about magical tales, drawing and practicing the numbers/the alphabet. my kid always ends up enriched and nurturished afterwards. i'm so proud of her.

her drawing skills are getting better by the minute. we were organizing all her creations the other day and i saw huge progress in them over the past semester. she started drawing people like this, in a very minimalist way:

then she gradually added details, like hands, more realistic hair, and put a smile on the faces.

until she got to draw in a very nice way. here we are, mom and daddy, me with my current long hair and an exotic flower in it, al with his curly do. we're holding hands, too, and are named together with her signature.

she started to color her drawings, too. look at how mermaid ariel became, more beautiful in only a few months:

as a natural consequence, her representation of the surroundings became more detailed. she started to draw things like flowers, the sun, mountains. houses. 

(a prince is admiring her princess on top of the mountain)

(rapunzel's long hair reach the prince down the castle)

now she's even able to create scenes, like drawgin herself with her 'wanted' little sister running home to escape the rain 

or the visit she made to an art exhibition with her class (her teacher is the first one, following her and her best friend martina among the others)

it's all so cute, isn't it? call it obvious, but my favorite drawing is my portrait. awww, i melt over this!

each drawing she makes for me is such a privilege and it always makes my day. keep being like this, sweet ali. be full of energy, hyper and sweet like you and only you can do. i love you, baby!

final considerations

the reading of an indoor week

a typical sunday afternoon at home

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