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21 January 2010


a few days ago i blogged about the new ikea bookcase i got for alice and wrote that organizing her room in a nicer and more 'adult' way was my only resolution this year. well, i can proudly announce that renovations are over and i'm ready to share the result. this is how the main wall looks like.

before, there only was the blue bookcase and all toys and pelouches were massively filling it. now it's neater and more organized. and i even created a new drawing center near her desk. i want to support her creative soul. plus, drawing means so much for children at this age!

the particular bookcase is between 2 older bookcases that were in a different position before. here's its close-up and the shakespeare quotations in detail.

i also rearranged other parts of the room: the big closet and the bed place.

i feel pretty satisfied. i need to start the storage in the pc room now, and that's a bit more demanding since there's my stff in there. a lot more, too. i'll put everything on hold, though, no need to rush. al is coming back from florida tomorrow and celebrations for my birthday will continue over the weekend, since he missed it this year too. time to party now!


  1. Wow! Lovely! It looks so well organized! I wish I could say the same about Ignacio's room ;) I always tried to get it more organized, but it gets disorganized right away!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing job Elda, Ikea is so inspiring :))))


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