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05 January 2010

new year and the like

we had the first snowfall of the season yesterday. it started out of the blue and for about one hour it really seemed to be getting worse by the minute, then it all magically stopped. these pics were taken from our 3rd floor flat and i particularly love the first one.

it was a pretty little layer of snow, bad enough to interrupt my plans for the day, though. the city isn't prepared for snow, traffic paralyzes and heating centrals go crazy. i was meant to be eating out at mc donalds and then do some food shopping because our fridge was totally empty after the hols. instead, since i don't have winter tires, i was blocked home and i had to wait until al got back from work to prepare a decent meal with some fresh ingredients.

and so i'm full into this 2010 already. no resolutions this year, time is what you make of it, i don't want to fill up lists that i'll end up giving up in a couple of months. the only, concrete plan is to organize ali's room in a better way and i'll stick to it. i'll take the rest once at a time. what i like doing, instead, is looking back at the past year and jump to conclusions from a safe perspective.

2009 was a desperate year for what happened with my parents, but beautiful in many other aspects. i'm grateful for the person i am today, in the first place. growing up in a dysfunctional family, i could have picked up their worse attitude, and i didn't. this is something important that helps me moving ahead with my life. i'm raising a happy and healthy kid, i passed the 7th year itch with al, i did lots of travelling and made a few nice good friends in this new city. we adapted well here, 2009 was the year where we enjoyed this new city life more, definitely.

i also nourished my passion for photos by buying a new camera and went far with that, taking lovely pictures through all months. MY 2009 YEAR IN PHOTOS, then, is the following:

january: i celebrated my 36th birthday in london at my dear sis lisa's. i met my spanish penfriend asun while there, which was the highlight of the trip.

february: alice turned 4 and we celebrated it big style at the local mc donalds. the kids loved it, as it was the frist time someone did this type of birthday party.

march: we started going places with our friends sandra and david. here we are in rovinj, croatia.

april: we spent easter in a summerlike budapest, where i also met my hungarian penfriend zita.

may: we finally went to venice on the may 1 long weekend, after nearly 2 years of living only 2 hours drive near it. what a blast!

june: (difficult month): my mom was here and that's when the catastrophe happened :-( she was baking gnocchi here, the last normal sane thing she was able to do before going nuts!

july: we spent our summer holidays in turkey - great time, we fell in love with istanbul. what a complete city, it has it al! i met a new penfriend while there: tuba!

august: a bit more hols in salerno, again with dear lisa, before heading off to naples as usual.

september: one of the loveliest excursions we made was to the slovene lakes. magical and with sandra's beloved company.  

october: halloween party!

november: an unusual warm month, when we often went to my favorite koper in slovenia for some healthy walks.

december: christmas spent in a hot place like egypt! yeah!

happy 2010 again to everyone again and stay tuned for my travel report aout my gyptian adventures!



  1. I finally subscribed to your blog my dear!! Nice blog!! Love , Valerie

  2. a good 2009! except for what happened with your mom. May I ask what happened to her?
    Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is great and filled with even more trips!!

  3. thanks valerie, nice to have you here!

    claudia, it's a long story, i'll need to write about it to you personally, as i don't want to make it public. happy 2010 to you too!


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