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17 January 2010

bow-wow day

ali and i had a beautiful, interesting day with my slovene friend sandra this afternoon. she took us to the dogs shelter she volunteers for. i had no idea how to help and what kind of food was allowed, then sandra suggested to donate some old towels, to make pet blankets and bed covers.

(it means 'bow-wow welcome!')

though i love animals, i had never visited a shelter before. i want to involve my baby in awareness regarding animal behaviour. apart from indoctrinating respect for animals into children, i think volunteering is a great way for them to learn responsibility. 

alice loved walking the dogs (under sandra's supervision, of course).

the first dog we took out was flecky, an italian cutie who had recently been sterilized.

she loved only a type of biscuits, which probably means she was treated well at home, when she still had one, otherwise she wouldn't have refused some types like her peers who have been at the shelter longer than her.

the second one was nelly, a bit oveweight but healthy, despite being taken to the shelter by her drug abuser of an owner, while his mom was hospitalized. i hope the woman will come rescue her once she gets well.  

we did this immersed in slovene beautiful nature. it reminds me of my hometown surroundings, it's all so familiar to me, so even cozier. i walked my dogs priscilla and lara in a country similar to this and pushed my grandfather's wheelchair learning the names of the hearbs and how to distinguish between edible and poisonous mushrooms.  

we then ended our day at sandra's, warmed up by her husband's speciality: latte macchiato. yummy! thanks, sandra, for another lovely day together. muah!

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