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15 January 2010

adolescent idol

here it is again, this tedious premenstrual syndrome of mine, which leaves me with poor concentration and charge in appetite all day. i just had my usual cup of tea, with 2 chocolate croissants and then a toast with ... ham. sweet and salty food together, yuck! i feel soooo overwhelmed!

anyway yesterday, just before dinner (another culinary odd marathon, by the way), when i started tv to put some cartoons on for alice, there was a young luis miguel flashing from the past on rai 2, back at the time of his performance that shocked italy and made him win second place at the sanremo festival.

boy, i fell in love with him at first sight! and with me hundred of italian teenagers. all of a sudden my musical background drastically changed. no more madonna, a-ha, amy stewart or eros ramazzotti. luis miguel and his only song 'noi ragazzi di oggi', followed by his only other hit 'il cielo', were all i listened to for about 1 year. my boyfriend of the time was a rocker, and he started to be jelaous of luis miguel. oh my! LOL

my obsession slowly faded away because luis miguel achieved fame abroad, he became very famous in south america, but never got back to italy again. his mother was italian and died under suspicious circumastances, there must have been no more motivation to come back to visit relatives too. so there were no pictures to cut off from magazines to stick in my adolescent diaries. the romance with my boyfriend was over by the time he could not be jealous of luis anymore!

i smiled and looked at alice. she was watching attentely, fascinated too. this young guy's charisma was obviously something. i read that his father encouraged him to watch and analyze nearly every movie, recording, and concert performance of elvis presley during his child years. the connection was evident on the stage. 

today this latin frank sinatra is recognized for his taste of high cuisine and for being a self-taught sommelier. he released his own wine named 'unico luis miguel', a cabernet sauvignon. maybe i could opt for this wine next month, when pms will hit again! 


  1. I had no idea Italy knew about Luis Miguel! Yes, even if her mother was Italian, we always thought of him as "belonging" to Latin America. He continues to be a hit these days!, with more mature music and songs, and even more handsome than ever. A bit cocky, but normal in a performer of his level. Were you able to attend any of his concerts? My god! they are amazing! He last came to Guatemala some 5 or 6 years ago, and even when it rained, it was one of the best concerts I have ever gone to.
    Interesting to know you were a loyal fan!

  2. "Noi, ragazzi di oggi, noi
    Con tutto il mondo davanti a noi
    Viviamo nel sogno di poi...." so many beautiful memories... it was a GLORIOUS song!!!

  3. well claudia, he was famous for about 1 year, then he disappeared, but as i told you, everyone remembers him so well because of his hit song at sanremo in 1985. i've seen some pics, yes, he's even more handsome! who was the american celeb he dated? mariah carey maybe? no i hven't attended any of his concerts, i rarely go to concerts, i don't like crowded places and mass hysteria.

    'noi, siamo diversi ma tutti uguali, abbiamo bisogno di un paio di ali, e stimoli eccezionali ...', sandra! :))))


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