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23 January 2010

5 cents

there're people who refuse to donate 5 cents to the francesca rava foundation here. i found it out yesterday while waiting for my turn at the till of the despar supermarket next door. i always go there since i found out it's fund raising for the reconstruction of the saint damien pediatric hospital in haiti.

i don't understand what is the principle that makes this people say 'no, thanks'. if there's any principle, of course. 5 cents is the price of a plastic bag. some of them take theirs from home and i suspect it's not for saving the enviroment. 

isn't this sad?  


  1. Hi! I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about, but...here it's totally usual and advised to take your bag from home for the environment, and I care a lot about doing that, so if (this is what I'm not sure to have understood) the system is that you buy a bag to help for the foundation...I would definitely say no as I don't think it's a good system to raise funds, they shouldn't encourage people to buy bags (like nobody would, for instance, sell cigarettes to get money for charity) ! IF that's what you're explaining, I would say no for sure, and donate (more than 5 cents !) to a similar project, but in another way. And well...here plastic bags are much more expensive than 5 cents now, also for environmental reasons...
    But again, I might not have understood your point...Sorry if I'm all wrong ;-)

  2. dear helene, it's okay, don't worry. what i meant is that the cost of a plastic bag here is 5 cents and of course it's recommended to take used ones from home here too. but people do that becuse they want to save money, not because they care about environmnet. do u see the difference now?
    asking 5 cents for funds is just a symbolic aid and it's not mandatory. the foundation set a date limit, 2 months from january to february, to take 5 cents per each shopping you do at the supermarket, and since it's symbolic, you can't donate more than 5 cent a time. so you don't buy a bag to help the foundation, i was comparing the price of the bag to the price of donation. and also comparing the saying no to 5 cents to the savig 5 cents for the bag, but not for the environment, just for selfish personal savings. do u get my point now?


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