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07 December 2009

a genuine morning

so here we are, enjoying this long realxing weekend at home. we woke up very late this mornig, had a delicious breakfast with the christmas lights already on to put away the melancholy of this cloudy day. i love to warm milk for my baby first thing in the morning. i love sipping my hot tea with milk while watching the world outside our third floor kitchen window. there's the usual guy delivering boxes to the latteria around the corner. i love the genuine atmosphere of my neighborhood. no glamour, no historic ruins or rich churches here to admire. only people. faces. odors.

i received the first christmas card of the season this morning (thanks, birna!) and
finished to write a few ones. alice wanted to do the same for her friends at school, so i gave her a bunch of old cards from last year and that's how she entertained herself for a good hour, dressed in what she picked up to be her christmas costume.

she's definitely a homebody, my child. on days like this the first thing she says firt thing in the moring is 'can we stay in all day today, mom?'. i like the way she's content spending time at home just being a family. once we're out and about somewhere, though, she never wants to go back home. and this is nice too!

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