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20 December 2009

epidemic and earlier santa

here we go, alice is sick again. this time she caught scarlet fever, which came with no surprise as there were 3 other cases at her school. even though, well, you always hope your baby may not be contaged.

anyway, after one week of sorethroat,  fever arrived punctual, and she's been having scarlet rash since yesterday. she's on antibiotics now, because the bacteria must be battled this way. we still don't know if we'll go to egypt in the end, let's see if she feels better tomorrow. the ped said we can go, because once the antibiotics starts its effect, relievement is immediate and she has no other symptoms of complications. i honestly have no idea what our plan b is in case we don't leave on tuesday. what a stituation!

well well, on a happier subject, santa arrived earlier the other day and left a big present for our princess: the newest disney castle, with miniature dolls of whitesnow and her pince. it took me nearly 3 hours to assemble it, the structure was pretty elaborate. have a look:

i wish i had the same things when i was small, for me it was all about barbies, i don't remember i even passed a princess phase like alice. it's good she can stick to this new thing and play these days, even if the high temperature is keeping her really exhausted and without appetite. tonight she even vomited. yuck! well, there's always a light at the end ofthe tunnel, and we'll keep riding. keeping our heads high. oh yeah!


  1. I think you are passing the princess phase now:-)))
    When you approach life with optimism, like you do, you just keep riding high!
    Have a blast in Egypt!!!

  2. correct, sandra, my princess phase is NOW! ;)


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