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14 December 2009

dancing time

what a nice day, you guys! we were invited for a friendly and pretty informal lunch at our friends fede and manu. they have a big villa on the hills of muggia, where they are blessed with a magnificent view over the gulf of trieste. i love going there because, unless the rest of triestini, they're so easy going and friendly. well, today we had a blast because, after chatting amably while our kids played (we were 3 families), we had some disco moments to share. yes! last time i literally danced my butt off was, when, 3 years ago? i remember alice was 2 or somenthing, my mother babysat for us  and i said 'let's do something crazy' and off we went dancing all night.

so here are some photos of our lovely time today:

obviously, the kids loved it and had lots of fun

but we parents enjoyed it too, and a lot! here's the most embarassing photo for me to share LOL

we were high on 'grease' and trying to coordinate the dances. the kids were trying to do the same. gosh, we look sooo funny, but happy indeed! :)

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