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03 December 2009

christmas countdown

time to share a few new pics. we put up the christmas tree this weekend, and finshed to decorate the house. this year miss alice played a big role in it, she did mainly everything by herself.


i like the way we're building up our xmas traditions. the presepe is up to me, while al coordinates the tree. here's what al added to our modest creation, though: some lights!

now i only have to find the right present for alice and i'm done. she asked the peter pan's boat to santa. i think id' better ban tv from our house, since no toys stores in trieste seem to have it! my daily goal tomorrow is phoning stores in udine and pordenone, hoping to find it, because it's not availble on the net neither. will i succeed?


  1. family traditons are unique and specials. I'm happy that your are building your own. Alice will remember them always.

  2. So nice! We are planning to decorate tomorrow. Good luck finding Alice present!


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