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19 November 2009

hello world!

so here i am, kicking off this new blogging adventure. though i love writing, this thing intimidates me a little. i'm more of a listener than a talker and being here, writing to the crowd, makes me feel a little too self conscious. but this blog is for my friends, whom i've been neglecting for to long now, so i better get out of my comfort zone and start doing something useful for them. as long as i won't be back to letterwriting, it might be a valid alterantive to keep in touch. let's see how far i get with this!

the beauty of this blog is that i can share pics with you out there, so i thought to start publishing shots of the nice afternoon ali and i spent the other day at the mall in koper. every tuesday they organize handicrafts lab for kids and this time around they created stars decorated with pasta.

we'll put up a nice christmas tree this year!


  1. So lovely!
    Don't be afraid, bella, we all love you, you're amongst friends! I know how you feel, I once started a blog myself and dropped it for that reason. Please, don't follow my example!!!

  2. My dear,
    Thanx for the chance u gave us to enter in ur intimate space!!!...specially for those like me that are faaaaaaaaaaaar away...
    I really enjoy ur life hey!!
    I wonder if u and Ali are talking slovene or as it is called!
    Bacci sis!!!

  3. asun, what a pity you stopped that blog f yours. why?

    no lore, though i'd like to learn slovene, we never took any courses. it's a pity they only have classes at nights and i'm free in the mornings :(


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